Hi, it's me. Daniel.

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I'm a web developer.

I spend my time building new websites and tools while simultaneously willing quirky side-projects into existence. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Elon Musk, I tend to impulsively learn new things for no apparent reason, and I think Indie music is pretty cool.


  "things I speak": [

But don't worry, I also speak human languages like English and French.


Emotional Support Bot landing page.
Emotional Support Bot

Are you feeling down? Fix all of life's problems with a daily piece of advice. Automatically generated by a bot, as all things should be.

React, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Node, Firebase, Sendgrid, Sadness

Crosswalk App landing page.
Crosswalk App

Your gateway into the unseen world around you. Drop & discover hidden messages wherever you find yourself.

React, CapacitorJS, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Node, MongoDB

NPMM landing page.

NPM doesn't let you save packages for later use. This open source project allows developers to save their favorite packages and install them with NPMM's companion CLI.

React, Redux, Node, PostgreSQL, Express, AJAX, Mocha, Chai

ThoughtBin landing page.

There's a lot going on with Twitter, maybe too much. This frictionless micro-platform allows people to anonymously share and create content. Eliminates emphasis on followers, likes, or reputation.

React, Node, PostgreSQL, Express, WebSockets, AJAX, Mocha, Chai

Chocolate Milk Media landing page.
Chocolate Milk Media

A freelance project for a film production company to gain leads. A great case study involving web design and how to be unique on the internet.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

My Portfolio landing page.
My Portfolio

Well, this is really meta...

React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mocha, Chai


It's 12:31PM PST, which means I'm probably designing a website right now.
Reach out so we can collaborate or just talk codeπŸ’»

If traditional methods of communication aren't your thing, click the button and it will turn on the custom LED server I installed in my room. It's pretty jarring, and I'll just think it's the robot uprising.